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Sarah Kay Design is a creative web development agency that prides itself on becoming invested in your business success while elevating your online presence through vibrant designs that engage and inspire.

We show your potential clients how special you are. Because it’s about you and your clients.

Sounds pretty great, huh? We think so.

Each website we design represents a unique connection to your business, your customers, and your vision. We custom build every step of the way to tighten branding, adhere to business strategies, increase conversion rates, create content, and build a one-of-a-kind end-user experience.

Are you ready for an updated, exclusive web design that represents your true vision? Our designs will grow with your business needs because we’ll work together to make that happen.

At Sarah Kay Design, clarity of vision is project-based and design projects are exclusive and hand picked.

Oh it’s business. But it’s also personal, very personal.




I’m Sarah and I’m so glad you’re here!  I help people – just like you – where they are today while planning for tomorrow.  Building strategic websites (aka valuable online real estate) while teaching you all sorts of freelancing tips and tricks along the way, is what I do!

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