We’re Sarah and Lily, mother-daughter duo

We’re the powerhouse behind the Sarah Kay Design brand.

Created in 2016 by Sarah Kay Morrison, Sarah Kay Design expanded into a family business in 2020 when Lily joined the company as an assistant developer. Now we work together as Creative Director and Lead Developer in all things web design to help authors bring their brands to life.


After finding herself a suddenly single mom of five, Sarah successfully built her own business to a full-service agency offering web design, digital strategy, and business coaching. During her four-year tenure as Director of Coaching for the software company Clickfunnels, she used her design eye and marketing know-how while working with over 7,000 business owners who were ready to scale their business, design a life they love and make a massive impact

At the helm of Sarah Kay Design as Creative Director, Sarah oversees client relations and project management to ensure our clients have an amazing experience with jaw-dropping results. Sarah is now a mom of six, Bravo TV addict, flat white coffee lover and Enneagram 3.


While studying at home during the pandemic of 2020, Lily began designing websites; what began as a pastime quickly morphed into a study focus and future career path, During her time at Sarah Kay Design. she has helped numerous authors make their website dreams a reality, expanding her skill set to ensure that every client she works with will receive a quality, high-converting site.

Currently, Lily is a college student pursuing a degree in web development. She too enjoys writing as a hobby, being a member of a writing club for several years and even winning first prize in a writing contest. In her free time, she also enjoys drawing and playing with her pet rats. Lily loves to travel and try new foods from across the country, (though she is especially fond of seafood).

“Nothing is impossible. the word itself says ‘I’m Possible!'”– Audrey Hepburn

Our Favorite Things

02. Our Family

There are Eight of in our family and we love being together.

04. Quilting

Sarah loves quilting and has entered (and won!) in the state fair.

01. Pets

We currently have three dogs (two real, one statue), three rats, one turtle and a partridge in a pear tree. our house is lively.

03. National Parks

We love traveling and being outside. national parks are some of our favorite places to be. Arches national park is our favorite.
why work with us?

We are fellow lovers of words, books, and the artists that create them. We are avid readers (Sarah) and authors (Lily) ourselves. We know the hard work, brain power, creativity, blood, sweat and tears that go into your masterpieces. We are big fans of what you do.

We want you to love your website as much as we do. It’s kind of like wearing a great outfit: it makes you feel confident, excited and ready to take on the world. Your website should feel like that too.

We want to see you succeed. You worked hard to birth your book into the world and we view it as a privilege to help you grow your brand, your audience and your business beyond your wildest imagination. Having worked with so many small business owners over the years, one thing continues to drive us – seeing you WIN.

Sarah & Lily

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