Facebook Ad Campaigns

Visibility is everything and being conspicuous is a must if you want clients to buy your products and services.

Two words: Facebook Ads.

Get your message in front of the clients you want and amass an audience that wants what you have and needs what you’re selling.

Facebook Ads allow you to capture clients and build your email list by targeting the market specific to your product. By pinpointing potential clients based on geography, demographics, or similar interests, you’ll grow your following prior to launching your latest e-course or to promote an upcoming webinar.

Social Media is the way to connect with clients, build followers, and sell your mind-blowing self to the people who need you.

From strategy and graphics to day-to-day management, I create Facebook Ad campaigns that convert potential customers to sales, knock socks off, and make bank accounts happy.


Let’s Break It Down: How Facebook Ad Campaigns Work

You’re getting ready to launch your newest e-course and need to grow your email subscriber list to increase your client base and create opportunity for higher conversion rates. 1-2% of your subscribers will purchase your product; the bigger your list, the more money you’ll make.

In real-time, this all begins with your initial investment. Contract with me to design and manage your campaign and then, decide how much you’ll pay Facebook for to get your Ad in front of your targeted audience – let’s say you budget $5/ad per day. 

After a few days, we’ll assess the progress and performance of your Ad. If it’s not converting, we’ll turn it off, which stops payment, and try a different angle.   

Over the life of the campaign, say you spend $1,000 total and we’ve grown your subscriber base by 400 people. On average, that’s at least 6 more people who will buy your product. If you’re selling a $500 course, you’ve just made $3,000 which covers your costs and earns you a profit of $2,000. Not bad at all!

Consider this a quick and dirty example of why you would choose to run a Facebook Ad Campaign. Is it for you? Yes, yes, and more yes.


Facebook Ad Campaign – $500

Ready to launch a product or service? Needing to promote your new e-course? I’ll build your campaign from the ground up – graphics, ad copy, and targeted audience – and monitor its performance for three weeks and analyze its effectiveness. Each campaign includes up to 4 distinct audiences with 3 different ads (for a total of 12 unique ads) monitored for 30 days.  As needed, I’ll tweak the ads as to maximize your initial investment and gain the farthest reach.

Say yes and yes again. With my design and savvy, your product or service will be visible to the people who matter and you’ll watch the money crescendo, growing your bank and giving you the financial freedom you’ve been waiting for.