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Sarah Kay is a website designer and business coach for freelancers.  Her background in public speaking and administration play to her strengths as a presenter and educator.

Sarah helps small businesses grow big ideas through a strategic online presence, strong business systems, and understanding their value to the clients they serve.

As a speaker, Sarah excels at blending practical and strategic business steps with humor and flare.  She believes that that every audience member will be able to apply the topic at hand to their own unique business model, regardless of size or industry, through clear action items they can implement today.

Sarah’s keynotes have evolved through her own business growth, frustrations she encountered along the way, methods she used to overcome obstacles, and coaching she received to excel in her industry.

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Value Ladders
And Why Your Business Needs One

So what is a value ladder? Don’t worry, I won’t wait until the end to tell you: A value ladder is a way to structure YOUR BUSINESS to appeal to the different phases of YOUR CLIENT’S business growth. Learn how to:

  1. Nail down the key components of a value ladder and apply it to your own business model
  2. Use value ladders when building quotes to generate more revenue
  3. Break down your CLIENT’S value ladder and lead to larger projects for YOU
Automate Your Design Systems
Make in Minutes What You Made in Hours

Are you making the best use of your time? Every one of us has the same number of minutes in every day – so let’s use it to make more money. By using workflows to automate your business systems you can save yourself vast quantities of time – time you can spend getting new clients and growing your business.

I go through the key steps and workflows when:

  1. Onboarding new clients
  2. Managing current projects
  3. Offboarding your latest creation
  4. PLUS different methods to automate it ALL (so you can even go on vacation!)

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