You bought ClickFunnels.

You saw all the people making all the money.

You saw the easy templates and you thought it was a simple as “1..2..3..“.  Five minutes, your funnel’s running.

And now… nobody’s buying anything.



Let’s break all of this down and get you a personalized strategy that makes sense for you and your business model.  First, we’ll meet “face-to-face” online for two hours going over your current business model and programs that are up and running. Be prepared to discuss ALL of your current funnels, marketing and existing course/memberships/offerings so that we can pull together the big picture (even if they are just ideas right now – I love ideas!).

After our meeting I will then put together a complete strategy plan for you, outlining your next steps in your funnel build-out and give you a road map to your success. A complete game plan that you can implement to start bringing in the Benjamins.